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Spotcycle overview


Bike stations locations and status

  • Locate bike stations on the bike share system
  • Detects your location to help you find the stations closest to you for available bikes and/or bike docks

Bike and bike dock availability

  • Display the bike and bike dock availability for each bike station with user-friendly icons
  • Search for stations by name, bike or bike dock availability
  • Displays the time of the last update
  • Search for stations by proximity to current location or to a place

Multi-city support

  • Spotcycle supports multiple bike share schemes in cities worldwide. Refer to the full list here.

Bike paths

  • Toggle display of bike paths (where supported) and favorite stations
  • Displays bikes paths and lanes in supported cities

Local amenities

  • Optimize biking directions using an address, your current position, a bike station, or a point of interest
  • Search for local businesses


  • Save and group your favorite bike stations for quick access

Timer and alarm

  • Keep track of your bike rental with a timer and alarm

Customized settings

  • Displays distances in metric or imperial
  • Choose and customize your map views and pins
  • Supports landscape mode
  • Available in English and French

Application support

  • Easy email access to contact Spotcycle team and supported bike share schemes (when available)


  • Android: Requires Android 4.0.3 or later
  • iOS: Requires iOS 8 or later; iPhone 4S or later; iPod 5th generation or later

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need an Internet connection to use Spotcycle?

A: Spotcycle requires an Internet connection to be able to update the status of the bike stations. You can use it without a connection but the data might not be up to date. When your device is online again, Spotcycle automatically updates the status of the bike stations.

Q: I'm having problems with my bike sharing account (billing, renting, bike key, etc)… Who should I contact?

A: Spotcycle is an application for enhancing your bike sharing experience. For help with your local bike share scheme or account, contact your bike share scheme customer service.

Q: My device doesn't seem to update bike information nor connect to the server…

A: Sometimes, there might be issues with accessing the file used for city maps and mobile app. Once it is resolved, the app should be up and running again. Unfortunately, the actual resolution depends on your bike share system operator and therefore beyond our control.

Q: Spotcycle crashes frequently on my iPhone/iPod… What should I do?

A: If you are running iOS7, try closing other apps that are running using the task manager, and then relaunch Spotcycle.

Q: After I updated the operating system on my iPhone/iPod, Spotcycle crashes at launch… What should I do?

A: Re-launch Spotcycle and it should fix itself automatically.

Q: I got a new phone… how do I load the Spotcycle application on my new device?

A: Refer to your smart phone provider for instructions on transferring applications.

Q: I can't seem to enable the location service on my iPhone (iOS7). When I select "Nearby", the message "Location service disabled" appears…

A: Verify the location settings on your iPhone in the Settings > Location Services menu. Location services needs to be enabled and Spotcycle needs to be allowed to use it. When you enable Location Services in your iPhone settings, a list of applications authorized to use it will appear. Ensure that Spotcycle appears in the list and that the ON/OFF toggle is set to ON. Once enabled, close the app using the task manager and then restart it.

Q: I can't see the bike paths in the application... How do I enable them?

A: Ensure that you have enabled the bike path layers in the map settings from the Map settings > Bike paths. You also need to select the bike paths. In the Map view, select the bike path layer to display bike paths.

For iOS8 devices, you need to enable the location services settings running in the background.