Spotcycle suspends support for B-Cycle bike share schemes for the time being

A little while back, we mentioned that we were trying to get our B-Cycle data feed available again to Spotcycle users. We have been unable to reach an agreement with B-Cycle and unfortunately needed to suspend support for B-Cycle bike share schemes for the time being.

We felt that B-Cycle were moving in a direction we did not feel was in the spirit of benefiting all parties involved. As an unfortunate consequence, B-Cycle Spotcycle users are the ones caught in the middle. Rather than continuing to provide stale data to our B-Cycle supporters, we felt it best to suspend support for these schemes until arrangements can be made with the service provider to better serve you.

We extend our apologies to all those who are inconvenienced by the situation.

That said, the Spotcycle development team will continue to explore other options to improve Spotcycle and we will continue to try to work out an agreement with B-Cycle.

Feel free to drop us a line. We’re open to your concerns and feedback.

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