Patch update for Spotcycle on iOS resolves crashing issues with upgrading to 4.0. and other bugs

Thanks to our user feedback, we were able to resolve a number of issues with a patch update for Spotcycle on iOS (ver. 4.0.1) that is now available on the iTunes app store.

This includes issues with a small number of upgrades in certain cases that crashed on launch after updating to version 4.0. In those cases, the crash was resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the application, which inadvertently causes Favorites groups to be lost. Unfortunately, we are unable to retrieve them and apologize for that issue.

Based on your input, we’ve also resolved a few bug fixes and updated the station data refresh function so that it refreshes when the application is resumed in the foreground (in addition to the manual refresh available via the pull-down and the Refresh stations button in the menu).

We’ve also added a number of your feature requests to our suggestion box, so watch this space for updates.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts by tweeting us, emailing us, or leaving us a note on our Facebook page.

Spotcycle 4.0 on iOS - Pull to refresh

Spotcycle 4.0 on iOS – Pull to refresh

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