Upcoming Spotcycle update promises to make your favorite bike share app even better

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been upgrading Spotcycle to make it faster and easier to use (and even giving it a well-deserved facelift). We’ll be releasing the Spotcycle 4.0 for iOS and an update to 3.4.2 for Android users.

We’ve built the latest version of Spotcycle 4.0 on the Spotcycle Lab project which means some of the features available in Spotcycle now (such as bike routes) will be phased out in our upcoming release. This also affects the Spotcycle update for Android.

For those who had Spotcycle.net accounts, this is what it will mean to you after the new versions are launched:

  • You will no longer be able to use bike routes; the bike routes saved to your Spotcycle.net accounts will be deleted from our servers.
  • Your contact information will be securely deleted from our servers
  • The Web application will no longer be available
  • If you have Favorite stations and groups saved on your device, they’ll remain saved (but you will no longer be able to synchronize them to spotcycle.net)

We’ve also got a few other things up our sleeves to coincide with the launch of the new versions of Spotcycle, so watch this space for news about our upcoming release!

(As per always, we’re open to feedback so feel free to drop us a line.)

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