Introducing the Spotcycle Lab project to help build the bike share app that’s right for you

We’re letting you know that we are planning a major rehaul of our Spotcycle bike share app and want to give everyone the opportunity to voice their opinions to help us create the bike share app that’s right for you.

In short, we want to build the app that helps bike share users get what they need the most by asking for their wish-list of features.

We want the good, the bad and the ugly, but most importantly, the input you provide will help us continue to deliver a reliable product that will be used and be useful.

So if you have a couple of minutes to help us out, please click the link below to send us your input directly:

Take me to Spotcycle Lab soapbox!

You can also tweet us using the #SpotcycleLab hashtag on Twitter or email at us at

We’d also love it if you could help us spread the word as well, to family, friends, and your social media network!

The #SpotcycleLab team

Spotcycle Lab banner

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