Spotcycle rolls into Chicago with support for the new Divvy Bikes bike share

Chicago’s Divvy Bikes just got added to Spotcycle‘s list of supported bike share schemes.

Chi-Town’s Divvy Bikes was launched last week with an initial run of 750 bikes across 75 bike stations mostly in the downtown area. The scheme plans to expand to 4000 bikes over 400 stations over the next year.

Divvy Bikes, so named to represent the “divide and share” idea, is the latest addition to Chicago’s transit system and helps commuters complete the “last mile“ of their itineraries with its fleet of three-speed bikes. It also makes it easier to explore the sprawling Midwestern metropolis, rich in arts, music, comedy and sports culture.

There’s no need to download anything extra to use Spotcycle with Divvy Bikes if you already have the app.

To access Divvy Bikes info in Spotcycle, access the Settings/Preferences menu to change the City setting to Chicago.

Happy riding!

94th Floor, Hancock Tower

Photo “94th Floor, Hancock Tower” from Flickr by mattsantomarco. Used under CC BY 3.0.


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