Spotcycle 3.4.0 update adds bike routes feature to Android and user-friendly improvements

Our Spotcycle development team worked hard through the dreary winter months to make sure bike share cyclists can make the most of the new biking season!

Spotcycle version 3.4.0 adds bike route recording for Android among other enhancements for a more user-friendly experience.

Spotcycle on Android - Bike Route Recording

Spotcycle on Android – Bike Route Recording

Here’s the latest on updates they’ve made to the iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as updates to the Web version of Spotcycle:

Android and iOS

  • Map view starts up in Nearby mode
  • Added setting to display selected number of nearby bike stations
  • Added color scheme customization to pie chart icons
  • Synchronized units of measurement with accounts
  • Alpha pie chart icon display size are now proportional to the size of the map


  • Spotcycle now prompts user to enable location services when it is disabled
  • Keyboard no longer appears by default in sign in screen
  • Bike stations with no available bikes or docks now no longer appear as disabled stations


  • New bike routes recording feature allows you to create and save personalized itineraries
  • New shortcut in bike station details for quick-add to favorites or creating groups
  • Updated POI icons caching

Web app

  • Simplified bike route editing
  • Added scrub function for erasing points on bike routes

Get the latest version for your mobile device over here. Feel free to give us feedback!

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