Spotcycle ventures to Grenoble in the French Alps

Spotcycle has taken a stroll to Grenoble, the Capital of the French Alps, and added its Métrovélo bike share system to its list of supported cities.

Métrovélo’s fleet of 200 automated rental bikes are available around the clock from 16 MétrovéloBOX stations set up in Grenoble’s outskirts near public transportation stops.

Grenoble was host to the 10th Winter Olympic games in 1968 and is also famous for its walnuts (noix de grenoble is French for walnut!). Set against the majestic backdrop of the French Alps, it’s a picturesque destination for all types of mountain activity sports.

But for those who prefer moving on flat, solid ground (especially by bike), make sure you stay on track with Spotcycle!

Grenoble at nightfall

Grenoble at nightfall by webink on Flickr. Used under CC BY 2.0.

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