Going green with Spotcycle

Spotcycle received a great mention last week in the Tech section (PDF) of USA Today‘s American Life: Green Living insert (print only) placing it at the head of a list of five great free mobile apps for green living. We’re more than pleased about Spotcycle’s role in helping connect commuters in the city  we’re excited to be part of tomorrow’s solutions.

A growing number of urban and suburban centers worldwide are looking towards providing sustainable transportation as a means to help reduce adverse effects on the environment. Adding bike share systems to the urban landscape is just one of the many ways they’re helping do that.

The numbers certainly don’t lie: currently the Bike-sharing World Map displays over 400 bike share systems and almost 100 additional sites either planning programs, carrying out feasibility studies or already running pilot programs.

(The Bike-sharing World Map, by The Bike-sharing Blog and MetroBike, LLC)

According to Treehugger, data has only recently started to come in about the net benefits of bike share systems for city dwellers, but the cited British Medical Journal study concluded that the benefits outweigh the risks: biking in urban environments helps reduce emissions and helps residents be more fit. And that says a lot!

Watch this space for more on upcoming Spotcycle developments!

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