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Vote for Spotcycle for the Sustainia Community Award

We’re extremely proud to announce that Spotcycle has been named one of the ten finalists for the international Sustainia Award that honours exceptional innovations working towards building a sustainable future. Earlier this year, Spotcycle was nominated in the Transportation category. Now that Spotcycle has made the Sustainia Award shortlist, we need people to vote for us – people like you! Voting opened September 24th and will continue until October 23rd, 2014. Help us take the top spot by voting for Spotcycle here. The winners of the Sustainia Award are selected by the Sustainia Award Committee, which includes former Governor of ...

Taking a look behind the curtain: how Spotcycle works

We’ve chatted mostly about the features you see in our app — finding nearby bike stations, bikes and bike docks, new bike share schemes to our app, and improvements. It’s time we take a brief moment to look at how Spotcycle works behind the scenes! Bike share schemes typically keep their bike share data accessible to third party developers as Web services or in other formats (for instance, in XML files) on their own servers. The bike share data is retrieved by the server that feeds the Spotcycle application. The Spotcycle application interprets the data and displays it on your mobile device. When there are lags or blips on the ...

Introducing the Spotcycle Lab project to help build the bike share app that’s right for you

We’re letting you know that we are planning a major rehaul of our Spotcycle bike share app and want to give everyone the opportunity to voice their opinions to help us create the bike share app that’s right for you. In short, we want to build the app that helps bike share users get what they need the most by asking for their wish-list of features. We want the good, the bad and the ugly, but most importantly, the input you provide will help us continue to deliver a reliable product that will be used and be useful. So if you have a couple of minutes to help us out, please click the link below to send us your input directly: Take me to ...

Bike path support added for Madison and Spartanburg in Spotcycle

Folks in Sparkle City and Mad City can take bike easy now with the help of Spotcycle! We've recently added support for bike paths in Spartanburg, SC and Madison, WI where B-cycle operates bike share system. Available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices, Spotcycle is still free to download and use!

Spotcycle adds support for bike paths in Kansas City and Denver B-cycle schemes

Spotcycle recently added support for bike paths and lanes for the Kansas City and Denver B-cycle bike share schemes. The bike path and bike lane information is available in the mobile application as well as through the desktop Web application version. Get this info all in one handy app with Spotcycle over here!

Spotcycle’s got Kansas City B-Cycle covered

The B-Cycle bike share schemes just added Kansas City to their roster of cities! Naturally, Spotcycle's support has followed suit -- starting today, Spotcycle users can take on downtown Kansas City in full stride. It is a transparent update so there's no need to download any updates for your smartphone. (Or, if you haven't already, you can always download the Spotcycle app for free).

Our latest Spotcycle application update for iOS devices and Web

Thanks to our diligent Spotcycle development team, the latest version of the Spotcycle Web app is now up and running, and the newest version of Spotcycle for iOS devices (Spotcycle 3.2) will be available for download shortly. In addition to adding new bike share schemes (a transparent server-side update for Spotcycle users), these latest application updates introduce a number of convenient features: iOS (mobile version) Added pie chart icon pin set for displaying available bikes and docks directly on the map Search for nearby local businesses, such as restaurants and shops using Google Places You can now pan through the map while ...

Rolling out new cities for Spotcycle

Spring is in the air and bikes are hitting the roads after a winter's worth of rest (for most people). Our Spotcycle development team however, has been working hard to help make your bike share ride even more convenient; in our latest release, we've added a bunch of bike share schemes from the B-cycle network to the application. Here's a lowdown of the B-cycle cities Spotcycle now supports: Boulder, Colorado Fort Lauderdale (Broward), Florida Denver, Colorado Des Moines, Iowa Hawaii (Kailua) Houston, Texas Madison, Wisconsin Omaha, Nebraska San Antonio, Texas Spartanburg, South Carolina We'll continue to add support to ...