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Spotcycle heads to Vannes in Brittany with new support for Vélocéa bike share

Vannes is one of the latest bike share cities recently added to Spotcycle. Vélocéa's 25 stations allow 24-hour access to Vannes' 174 bikes year-round. As for all new cities added to our app, there is no need to download anything new if you already have it installed. Vélocéa was first launched in this historical town in Brittany, in northwestern France in June 2009. Docking stations for the orange and purple bikes can be seen throughout the city centre and are also handy to other amenities such as train stations and the university campus.

Spotcycle adds Calais’s Vel’In bike share to its list of supported cities

We've recently added support for Vel'In bike share in the major port town of Calais, France. Vel'In's 34 stations are spread out over the town, and allow both locals and visitors convenient access to its fleet of 260 bikes, 24/7. Located on the coast of northern France, Calais' close proximity to England has made it historically strategic for trade between the two countries. Calais' location on the Côte d'Opale (Opal Coast) coastline of sandy beaches and coves has long been cherished by the French and visitors from abroad seeking seaside getaways, local seafood and perhaps even a regional mint caramel confectionery called "bêtises" ('silly ...

Spotcycle now helps you get around Nice by bike with support for Vélo Bleu

Spotcycle just added support for the Vélo Bleu bike share in the Mediterranean city of Nice in southern France. First launched in 2009, Vélo Bleu's bike share system boasts 1750 bikes available across 175 stations, and is available 24 hours a day, year-round. Its famous Promenade des Anglais (English promenade) that lines the coastline is complete with a bike path running along the south side, ideal for trekking across the city west or eastwards. Whether you're on holidays on the French Riviera or on an extended stay in this port city, be sure to use Spotcycle to help you get around this destination city!  

Spotcycle ventures to Grenoble in the French Alps

Spotcycle has taken a stroll to Grenoble, the Capital of the French Alps, and added its Métrovélo bike share system to its list of supported cities. Métrovélo's fleet of 200 automated rental bikes are available around the clock from 16 MétrovéloBOX stations set up in Grenoble's outskirts near public transportation stops. Grenoble was host to the 10th Winter Olympic games in 1968 and is also famous for its walnuts (noix de grenoble is French for walnut!). Set against the majestic backdrop of the French Alps, it's a picturesque destination for all types of mountain activity sports. But for those who prefer moving on flat, solid ground ...