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Tiny bug fix to Spotcycle for iOS released (4.1.2)

Our team just pushed a minor bug fix to Spotcycle for iOS where the last refresh timestamp sometimes was not appearing to update even though the station data was correct. Download it from the iTunes App Store if you haven’t already! Also, we’re taking the opportunity to let you know about our upcoming reboot to Spotcycle for iOS and for Android. We’re really excited to get these updates out so bike share users can take advantage of the summer cycling season with Spotcycle!

Maintenance updates now available for Spotcycle on iOS (4.1.1) and Android (3.4.3)

Heads up, Spotcycle users! Quick note to let you know we’ve made a few tweaks to improve Spotcycle on both iOS and Android that fix a few minor bugs. Here are the details: Spotcycle for Android (version 3.4.3): minor bug fixes to resolve some Lollipop compatibility issues (Android 5.1+) Spotcycle for iOS (version 4.1.1): a few minor modifications to resolve bugs Download the latest version of Spotcycle for iOS or Android to make sure your bike share experience continues to roll smoothly!

Spotcycle 4.1.0 update now available for iOS devices

Our latest updates to Spotcycle for iOS are now out in version 4.1.0. We’ve had our ear to the ground and made a number of functional and aesthetic improvements to the application including the following: Added a new Rental timer widget to the Today view Added new sets of map pins Improved search results positioning, directions and places Improved to map refresh functions Improved geolocation service management (now enabled only when in use) Improved handling of device authorization permissions (camera, notifications and location services) Minor improvements to the user interface Various bug fixes Download the upgrade now from ...

Spotcycle 4.0.3 update corrects minor bug with map markers

Thanks to our keen-eyed users, we’ve made a couple of minor updates to the Spotcycle application, including one that should fix any issues people have had on their iOS devices with regard to displaying correct station data in the map markers. Much thanks to our users who have been sending us feedback for the app! Keep ‘em coming!

Latest minor update to Spotcycle for iOS adds auto-refresh options and gestures to Map view

Our latest version of Spotcycle for iOS (version 4.0.2) is now up on the iTunes App Store and ready for download. This minor release includes an auto-refresh feature with configurable interval options, as well as a handful of new gestures and features for Map view (map rotation, pitch control, 3D buildings, points of interest). We’ve also taken the time to listen to our users and carried out a number of minor bug fixes to improve the application -- thanks to those who have sent us helpful feedback since our last major update (much appreciated)! Feel free to continue sending us feedback.

Patch update for Spotcycle on iOS resolves crashing issues with upgrading to 4.0. and other bugs

Thanks to our user feedback, we were able to resolve a number of issues with a patch update for Spotcycle on iOS (ver. 4.0.1) that is now available on the iTunes app store. This includes issues with a small number of upgrades in certain cases that crashed on launch after updating to version 4.0. In those cases, the crash was resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the application, which inadvertently causes Favorites groups to be lost. Unfortunately, we are unable to retrieve them and apologize for that issue. Based on your input, we’ve also resolved a few bug fixes and updated the station data refresh function so that it refreshes when the ...

Spotcycle release 3.4.1 for iOS and Android resolves a few minor bugs and improves performance

We’ve made a few minor updates in Spotcycle 3.4.1 for Android and iOS devices to resolve a few issues with the application crashing, bugs with some generated links, and we’ve made a number of performance improvements. You can download the latest version of Spotcycle with these updates from here. Meanwhile, we’re still working on our Spotcycle Lab project where we’re crafting our ultimate bike share app. We’d like you to let us know how we’re doing with Spotcycle. Feel free to leave us feedback on our Spotcycle Lab soapbox at lab.spotcycle.net or leave us a comment below. You can also tweet us at @Spotcycle with the hashtag ...

Spotcycle 3.4.0 update adds bike routes feature to Android and user-friendly improvements

Our Spotcycle development team worked hard through the dreary winter months to make sure bike share cyclists can make the most of the new biking season! Spotcycle version 3.4.0 adds bike route recording for Android among other enhancements for a more user-friendly experience. Here's the latest on updates they've made to the iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as updates to the Web version of Spotcycle: Android and iOS Map view starts up in Nearby mode Added setting to display selected number of nearby bike stations Added color scheme customization to pie chart icons Synchronized units of measurement with Spotcycle.net account...

Latest improvements to Spotcycle 3.3.1 for iOS devices resolve minor issues

Our Spotcycle development team has worked tirelessly to add a number of improvements to our latest update for iOS devices, including issues with filtering and functions in Nearby mode. Here are the details of the changes we've made to Spotcycle 3.3.1: Pie chart icons now read clockwise Resolved issue with disappearing alias names for Favorites groups and bike stations when upgrading from version 3.2.8 When creating bike routes, the Lock slider no longer appears Statistics tables now appear properly on iPhone 4/4S/5 devices When searching by bike station name, the Nearby mode is now disabled Resolved issues with toggling between Bikes ...