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Get better biking directions for your bike share with the new version of Spotcycle

The latest release of Spotcycle (version 46) makes it easier to view directions in the map view with mini pins We’ve just released Spotcycle 46.0 for Android and iOS that includes improvements to the interface to make it easier for customers to plan routes. We’ve replaced the station clustering pins with a new set of icons (“mini station pins”) that improves the visibility of bike share stations on the map, regardless of whether you are zoomed in or out on the map. Now when zoomed out, the station icons take up less space on the screen than the standard icons, making it easier to view route directions while simultaneously checking bike or ...

Spotcycle updates its support for Bike Share Toronto, TDot’s rebooted bike share scheme

Toronto’s renewed bike share system is now called Bike Share Toronto and we’ve updated our Spotcycle data with the latest from the scheme. Besides a brand spanking new name, logo and new pricing, Bike Share Toronto will run pretty much the same as before when it was known as BIXI Toronto. Be sure to use Spotcycle to check up on the latest bike station statuses in Toronto and for all your day-to-day bike share needs!

Spotcycle adds Columbus’ CoGo Bike Share to its growing roster of supported bike shares

We’ve recently incorporated CoGo Bike Share to our Spotcycle mobile app, adding historical Columbus, Ohio to our ever-growing list of cities that are implementing bike share systems around the world. Launched last July 30, CoGo’s fleet of 300 gray and red bikes are distributed among the 30 stations in and around the city center. Residents and visitors can get around with the help of Spotcycle on Columbus’ new bike share, from Schiller Park to Short North, as well as from the Scioto Audubon Center to Livingston Park. As all new bike shares added to our app, this update is transparent which means you don’t need to download anything if ...

Spotcycle now helps you get around Nice by bike with support for Vélo Bleu

Spotcycle just added support for the Vélo Bleu bike share in the Mediterranean city of Nice in southern France. First launched in 2009, Vélo Bleu's bike share system boasts 1750 bikes available across 175 stations, and is available 24 hours a day, year-round. Its famous Promenade des Anglais (English promenade) that lines the coastline is complete with a bike path running along the south side, ideal for trekking across the city west or eastwards. Whether you're on holidays on the French Riviera or on an extended stay in this port city, be sure to use Spotcycle to help you get around this destination city!  

Spotcycle takes to the streets of New York City with support for Citi Bike bike share

Spotcycle welcomes New York City's Citi Bike to its list of supported bike share systems. As a transparent update, there is no need to download anything new if you already have Spotcycle installed on your mobile device. The Citi Bike bike share is set to launch on May 27, with an initial run of 6000 bikes and 330 bike stations on Manhattan and in parts of Brooklyn. Citi Bike eventually hopes to expand to 10 000 bikes and 600 bike stations and extend to Queens. Head over to the Spotcycle download page to take advantage of the free app, available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices!

Bike path support added for Madison and Spartanburg in Spotcycle

Folks in Sparkle City and Mad City can take bike easy now with the help of Spotcycle! We've recently added support for bike paths in Spartanburg, SC and Madison, WI where B-cycle operates bike share system. Available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices, Spotcycle is still free to download and use!

Spotcycle takes on Barcelona’s Bicing bike share program

Spotcycle's next stop is Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia in Spain where the Bicing community bike program rules the streets! Our app will support the Bicing scheme starting today, and it will be a transparent update. Bicing (pronounced bee'-sing) counts 400+ active bike stations and more than 6000 bicycles, serving over 80 000 cyclists annually. Be sure to take Spotcycle along on your Bicing ride!

Spotcycle’s got Kansas City B-Cycle covered

The B-Cycle bike share schemes just added Kansas City to their roster of cities! Naturally, Spotcycle's support has followed suit -- starting today, Spotcycle users can take on downtown Kansas City in full stride. It is a transparent update so there's no need to download any updates for your smartphone. (Or, if you haven't already, you can always download the Spotcycle app for free).