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Spotcycle limited time update available for NABSA 2016 conference

We’ve released a special edition update to Spotcycle especially for attendees of the 2016 North American Bike Share Association (NABSA) conference in Austin, Texas. Spotcycle version 45.1 includes a NABSA-branded edition of the Austin BCycle system and also a feature to keep track of the conference events.   The annual NABSA conference takes place this year from November 9 to 11, 2016 and brings bike share industry representatives from across North America and Europe. Since 2014, the non-profit group meet every year to share their ideas on bike share, including innovations, best practices, new developments and research. To ...

Grand return to Spotcycle for BCycle bike share systems

We’re glad to announce that we’ve brought BCycle systems back to Spotcycle! The bike share vendors, operators and stakeholders of the North American Bike Share Association (NABSA) have worked together to help make bike share systems a more integral part of the public transport network and making bike share more accessible. In fall of 2015, industry representatives under NABSA developed the General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS), an open standard used to deliver real-time bike share data feeds in an open, standardized format that makes it easier for mapping and transportation based application to incorporate the data into their ...

Spotcycle suspends support for B-Cycle bike share schemes for the time being

A little while back, we mentioned that we were trying to get our B-Cycle data feed available again to Spotcycle users. We have been unable to reach an agreement with B-Cycle and unfortunately needed to suspend support for B-Cycle bike share schemes for the time being. We felt that B-Cycle were moving in a direction we did not feel was in the spirit of benefiting all parties involved. As an unfortunate consequence, B-Cycle Spotcycle users are the ones caught in the middle. Rather than continuing to provide stale data to our B-Cycle supporters, we felt it best to suspend support for these schemes until arrangements can be made with the service ...

New B-Cycle bike shares in Fort Worth and Greenville added to Spotcycle

The Spotcycle family recently got bigger with the addition of two more bike shares: Fort Worth and Greenville are B-Cycle's newest schemes. Cyclists in Fort Worth can take advantage of the 300 bikes docked at 28 stations around Cowtown (whose bike share was officially launched on Earth Day this past Monday). These stations are located mostly in Downtown, Near South Side and in the Cultural District, with more to be added throughout the summer. With 28 bikes at its disposal, Greenville's newly launched six-station scheme helps locals get around downtown without having to worry about parking spots or meters. As for all new city support, there's ...

Spotcycle welcomes Nashville B-Cycle

Folks in Music City can now make the most of their B-cycle bike share! Spotcycle has added the newly inaugurated Nashville B-cycle to its list of supported cities. This system boasts 20 stations nestled in the the downtown area with a total of about 190 bikes. Best all, there's no need to download anything if you already have Spotcycle! But just in case you don't have it already, get it here.

Spotcycle adds Charlotte B-Cycle bike share to its roster

The newest bike share scheme to join Spotcycle's roster is Charlotte B-Cycle in North Carolina. Our app now supports Queen City's 200 bicycles on 20 bike stations set up in and around Uptown Charlotte. Now, bike share users can join the long-time Charlotte cyclists by taking advantage of the 60+ miles (96+ km) of bike paths and lanes scattered throughout the city (soon to be supported by Spotcycle as well).

Spotcycle’s got Kansas City B-Cycle covered

The B-Cycle bike share schemes just added Kansas City to their roster of cities! Naturally, Spotcycle's support has followed suit -- starting today, Spotcycle users can take on downtown Kansas City in full stride. It is a transparent update so there's no need to download any updates for your smartphone. (Or, if you haven't already, you can always download the Spotcycle app for free).