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Introducing the Spotcycle Lab app, our next-gen reboot of Spotcycle

The much-anticipated release of our Spotcycle Lab™ bike share app is finally here! The Spotcycle Lab project is a reboot of Spotcycle™ and created as the sandbox in which you can try out new features we develop (as well as features you ask to see), with the goal of creating the ultimate bike share app. With a built-in feedback feature, Spotcycle Lab provides a platform that makes it easy for you to send us your comments. In addition to the classic Spotcycle station status functionalities, Spotcycle Lab includes new unique features including: Reality+™, our own augmented reality overlay for locating bike stations in live view Station ...

Taking a look behind the curtain: how Spotcycle works

We’ve chatted mostly about the features you see in our app — finding nearby bike stations, bikes and bike docks, new bike share schemes to our app, and improvements. It’s time we take a brief moment to look at how Spotcycle works behind the scenes! Bike share schemes typically keep their bike share data accessible to third party developers as Web services or in other formats (for instance, in XML files) on their own servers. The bike share data is retrieved by the server that feeds the Spotcycle application. The Spotcycle application interprets the data and displays it on your mobile device. When there are lags or blips on the ...

Spotcycle takes on Barcelona’s Bicing bike share program

Spotcycle's next stop is Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia in Spain where the Bicing community bike program rules the streets! Our app will support the Bicing scheme starting today, and it will be a transparent update. Bicing (pronounced bee'-sing) counts 400+ active bike stations and more than 6000 bicycles, serving over 80 000 cyclists annually. Be sure to take Spotcycle along on your Bicing ride!

Spotcycle’s got Kansas City B-Cycle covered

The B-Cycle bike share schemes just added Kansas City to their roster of cities! Naturally, Spotcycle's support has followed suit -- starting today, Spotcycle users can take on downtown Kansas City in full stride. It is a transparent update so there's no need to download any updates for your smartphone. (Or, if you haven't already, you can always download the Spotcycle app for free).

Our growing Spotcycle family welcomes DecoBike schemes and version 3.2 iTunes Store release

The Spotcycle development team is seriously on a roll: they've now added the DecoBike schemes to Spotcycle. It will be a transparent update, as you won't need to download anything. Here are the new cities we'll be supporting: Miami Beach-Surfside, FL Long Beach, NY And, to top it off, Spotcycle 3.2 for iOS is now released and ready for download from the iTunes Store, so you can check out the Decobike maps and all the the great new Spotcycle features for yourself.