Our revamped and redesigned Spotcycle v. 45 is now available for iOS and Android

Our long-awaited Spotcycle upgrade for Android and iOS is now available! We’re proud to reveal the best version of our Spotcycle product yet – we’ve dubbed it “version 45” for the “forty-five ways Spotcycle enhances your bike share experience”1.

The latest version of the Spotcycle bike share application includes all the useful features you’ve ever loved in all our previous versions including:

  • Finding stations, available bikes and bike docks near you
  • Saving favorite stations
  • Getting biking directions
  • Displaying bike paths and lanes
  • Rental timer and alarm
  • Multiple city support
  • Free and ad-free
  • And more…

And here are some of the great new updates to Spotcycle:

  • New intuitive interface and design. Functions and buttons have been rethought and streamlined to improve your bike share experience.
  • Enhanced biking directions. Spotcycle can now optimize your itinerary by showing you only pertinent stations and propose alternate routes to reach your destination (currently only for iOS).
  • Saving favorite places on the map. Maybe you want to stop in that awesome bakery to pick up a baguette on your way to grab a bike. Or you need to pick up your dog at the dry cleaners before heading out. Either way, you can save up to 20 favorite places on your Spotcycle map.

Check out the store listing on Apple iTunes or Google Play for the full list of features.

Spotcycle v.45 for iOS - Local amenities

Spotcycle v.45 for iOS – Local amenities

Spotcycle v.45 for Android - Map details

Spotcycle v.45 for Android – Map details. Here’s our proof that you can be smart and good-looking too!

Just a note for Spotcycle Lab users on Android: you’ll be prompted to install this latest version of Spotcycle (v.45) for Android to take advantage of all the updates we’ve implemented.

Download the latest Spotcycle today for iOS and Android… even better, tell us what you think of it (and how Spotcycle helps make your bike share awesome)!

Happy riding!

1 OK… maybe there’s only actually 40.

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