Spotcycle adds four YouBike systems in Taiwan

In anticipation for Velo-City Global 2016 this weekend, we’ve added YouBike‘s four cities in Taiwan to the application: Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung and Changhua.

The system was first launched in 2009 with 11 stations and 500 bikes in the Xinyi district of Taipei City. First expanding into New Taipei in 2013, YouBike added service in Taichung and Changhua (Taichung-Changhua metropolitan area) in 2014. It has since grown to a fleet over 6000 bikes distributed over 220 stations today, with more to come.

Still a free download, Spotcycle can now help locals and visitors locate stations and get around each of the cities’ numerous districts on their YouBikes with ease! As a transparent update, there’s no need to download anything if you already have the app.

In other news, our development team is doing on-going work behind the scenes on making an even better Spotcycle. Stay tuned for the upcoming developments.

Photo “Taipei at night, with dreamy sky"” by Chris as seen on Flickr

Photo “Taipei at night, with dreamy sky”” by Chris as seen on Flickr. Used under CC BY-NC 2.0.

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