Taking a look behind the curtain: how Spotcycle works

We’ve chatted mostly about the features you see in our app — finding nearby bike stations, bikes and bike docks, new bike share schemes to our app, and improvements. It’s time we take a brief moment to look at how Spotcycle works behind the scenes!

How Spotcycle gets its data

How Spotcycle gets its data

  1. Bike share schemes typically keep their bike share data accessible to third party developers as Web services or in other formats (for instance, in XML files) on their own servers.
  2. The bike share data is retrieved by the server that feeds the Spotcycle application.
  3. The Spotcycle application interprets the data and displays it on your mobile device.

When there are lags or blips on the data, the servers from which Spotcycle gets its data also display these blips. Sometimes it might be due to irregularities or lags in the data being fed to the Spotcycle app and what the current state of the system is. Spotcycle will always display the same map data as on the Web sites for your bike share schemes.

Here’s a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your bike share with Spotcycle:

  • Check the last refresh time for the map data in the app.
  • Refresh the app data as often as possible (but be wary of any data charges that might apply).

Feel free to let us know if you have feedback for our application!

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