Latest improvements to Spotcycle 3.3.1 for iOS devices resolve minor issues

Our Spotcycle development team has worked tirelessly to add a number of improvements to our latest update for iOS devices, including issues with filtering and functions in Nearby mode.

Here are the details of the changes we’ve made to Spotcycle 3.3.1:

  • Pie chart icons now read clockwise
  • Resolved issue with disappearing alias names for Favorites groups and bike stations when upgrading from version 3.2.8
  • When creating bike routes, the Lock slider no longer appears
  • Statistics tables now appear properly on iPhone 4/4S/5 devices
  • When searching by bike station name, the Nearby mode is now disabled
  • Resolved issues with toggling between Bikes and Docks filters in Nearby mode
  • Sorting bike stations in Stations view now works properly
  • Resolved issues with filtering stations by bikes or docks that do not match the search criteria in Nearby Station list
  • Device no longer crashes when synchronizing Favorites to your account

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